Processes - Technology

In SYVASA we work with a focus on flexible production processes that adapt to the needs of our customers, purchasing the most modern machinery to put it at their service integrating this way the supply chain with te biggest efficiency.

We went through the ISO 9001 2008 quality certification process to guarantee our clients the precise delivery of parts and sub-assemblies with the levels of quality demanded by forward looking companies that employ Just In Time and Kaban processes.

We are currently in preparation for the certification in the ISO 14000 standard.


Bending processes

The bending processes are done in SYVASA carefuly using the most appropiate machinery for the job, in some cases with computerized equipment that guarantees quality and productivity.

48" press brake 18 tons Chicago
78" CNC hidraulic press 30 tons Durma
144" CNC hidraulic press 125 tons Casanova
144" press brake with electronic template 130 tons Cincinnati
144" CNC hidraulic press 200 tons Durma
144" press brake with electronic template 90 tons Chicago